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1. Why invest in SmolBoyz land? How does this help the Web3 ecosystem? 2. What is SmolBoyz Land ? 3. What does having a DAO mean for the holder? How will this work? 4. How do we plan to generate recurring revenue and what is the liquidity used for? 5. How does this help bring value back to holders and what more can we do? 6. Wen $SMOL token? Wen fractionalisation?

1. Why invest in SmolBoyz land? How does this help the Web3 ecosystem?

A. Why invest in SmolBoyz Land DAO startups?

As someone who has experience with managing Metaverse lands, it’s clear statistically and experientially that prices will trend upwards, which means more investors will become priced out.

We are looking to breakdown barriers to allow investors like yourself to be part of a larger ecosystem and able to obtain a share of the Metaverse through group ownership.

B. How do we change this statistic with NFTs?

Now that we’re in NFTs and web3, the beautiful thing is, we don’t have to rely on investor money to get projects funded. Your fans and customers are also your investors. We have this unique opportunity to put our money where our mouth is.

C. How Do you know which Metaverse lands to purchase?

The reason why projects like Sandbox, Decentraland, NFT World have increased in significant volume over the last 3 months is due to these 3 primary factors: 1) Community 2) Utility based demand & roadmap 3) Artwork/Design

As an organized DAO, we will make a distributed decision on purchases going forward. Research and findings will be provided prior to purchase for each selection.

Our team has significant experience in evaluating sandbox and Decentraland plots and will leverage this expertise for strategy based decisions.

2. What is SmolBoyz Land ?

We are a Venture DAO that invests in Metaverse Land projects in the NFT ecosystem.

A. We are value driven for our holders

We believe that Metaverse lands are worth the bet financially. We are able to discover undervalued land with high potential, making them a better long term play than most projects, and act as a deflationary asset, driving up value for Smolboyz Land holders. Also, the reality is, no other DAO has really invested in Metaverse Lands up to this point, with our roadmap.

B. We want to onboard more people into NFTs, especially eager Metaverse land investors into the ecosystem as a safe way to get started.

As we act as an ETF of Metaverse land projects, it’s a much more safe and accessible way to be a part of valuable projects in the ecosystem. Our goal is to do extensive research on the fundamentals of the project and team to ensure the highest quality are entering our investments.

C. We are a DAO, so that our community has a say in the direction of the project.

More minds are better than one. Our community has shown that they have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. We can collectively as a community, vote and make changes to create the most amount of impact and value, for both the ecosystem, and your wallets. It’s certainly not mutually exclusive.

Whether it’s buying land in the Metaverse, building an accelerator program to support smaller land projects in different protocols, or sweeping floors of projects, it’s up to the DAO to vote and decide on that will be beneficial for SmolBoyz Land holders long term.

D. We are not just a derivative project

We decided to create a project with authenticity and originality

Our founders have all been a part of the NFT and Crypto space since its early inception and have been HODLers ever since. Over the last 6 months, we have seen the growth in the Metaverse space ever since Facebook announced its name revision to Meta.

Our team has a strong belief that the digital land space will continue to grow as we are still very early in this meta. Our idea was to create a NFT to create an exclusive community where we can grow and follow the strong growth trends in the Metaverse land space.

3. What does having a DAO mean for the holder? How will this work?

A DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Here’s a really simple diagram to illustrate the difference between how a traditional organisation vs a DAO is run.

The DAO is set up so that our community holds the power via your SmolBoyz NFT. 1 SmolBoyz = 1 vote/ share.

A. It is multi-signatory

We are in the process of setting up a multi-signature wallet where vetted nominees of the community can be voted in to become one of the group signors for our DAO transactions. This means that every transaction coming out of the community wallet, needs a majority of our signors to sign off before the transaction can go through - **resulting in more transparency and accountability.

B. You make your vote via Snapshot

Every time a decision is made - we go through a simple decision framework.
Smolboyz-verified holders can put up their suggestions into #suggestions or a specified channel on discord to put their ideas out there. Smolbyoz holding **an Investor Club** trait will help the Smolboyz team to vet the top few proposals. We will then present the proposals in which Smolboyz holders will have a set number of hours to vote on Snapshot before the decision is made.

The number of hours for snapshot voting will depend on how urgent and/or important that decision is.

4. How do we plan to generate recurring revenue and what is the liquidity used for?

In our Roadmap, our priority is to make sure we have liquidity in our fund. The ongoing roadmap will be focused on making sure that we provide as much return to our holders as possible.

A. Our first call is we want to buy up a Sandbox Lands.

Did you know that a company bought property on Sandbox Metaverse for a record $4.3 million? Virtual Land will make a name for itself more in the coming period and provide incredible wealth to many people.

In the case of Sandbox, it happens to be the Sand token, and virtual world investors buy plots of Land with strong communities. That will boost desirability, which is how a new asset class is developed. Because digital real estate has established itself as a legitimate asset class, and the value is increasing exponentially, making it a very interesting investment opportunity.

It will also potentially become a feasible financial asset similar to what we have in the real world with real estate. Your digital Land will definitely have the potential to deliver enormous returns. The convenience of flipping the Land combined with the consistent bull market enabled so many people to receive thousands of dollars in a very short time. So making this investment is a very good investment opportunity. We can’t blame them because it’s all a lot simpler than buying real estate in the real world.

After all, digital real estate gets rid of major issues associated with real-world real estate, such as Extensive Paperwork, Land Maintenance and Taxes to be paid. All thanks to blockchain technology which also improves the security and traceability of land purchases. The best part is that we know land prices are increasing worldwide, and virtual ones are a lot more easily accessible because of the low entry barrier because not every digital Land costs a fortune.

So for those people who are looking forward to making money with real estate, purchasing real Land will require you to take loans from the bank. But purchasing virtual Land will definitely have a lower impact on your bank account, which is why this is an exciting investment opportunity for us.

B. How will we fund the DAO fund

This is a no brainer but we will be continuously funding the project through our secondary royalties every single month.

C. Consider other passive income generating options

This could be ideas such as loaning out our NFT assets to gain a high % APY but other ideas will be open for proposal within the community before we vote on it as a DAO.

💡 This liquidity will be used to buy up other projects such as floor Sandbox lands, Decentraland, NFT World, or other Metaverse lands in different protocols - undervalued assets that will see returns overtime. This in return will raise the price, value and floor of Smolboyz Land which makes it profitable for our holders.

5. How does this help bring value back to holders and what more can we do?

A. By holding a share of the DAO per SmolBoyz owned, our SmolBoyz will be backed by appreciating assets in our DAO.

Our DAO can vote on actions such as choosing to sweep the floors of undervalued, high potential projects. We will be looking for projects that still have yet to hit critical mass and have long term potential in increasing more value for their projects and have known, strong teams. This means that our Smolboyz will be deflationary, as it incentivises holders to hold rather than sell, ultimately raising the value of our project.

B. Honestly, sky is the limit.

We have so many ideas and working plans whether it’s:

In the end, we want to grow this community and vision **hand-in-hand** with our holders. A roadmap is great, but the space moves so fast, that we want to make the best decisions at the right time.

💡 We want to undersell and overdeliver.

6. Wen $SMOL token? Wen fractionalisation?

Our token will be designed to provide fractionalized ownership for our entire metaverse land DAO. Note that the purpose of the token is to provide you a share of the vault, 1 $SMOL Token = 1 fractional share of the vault, remember 1 $SMOL = 1 $SMOL.