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    PHASE 1

    SmolBoyz presale
    2000 limited supply, 1250 supply held for holder utility
    Alpha community membership released to NFT holders - inclusive of whitelist
    drops to projects with the most prominent australian artists
    (refer to the confirmed list in discord announcements)

    PHASE 2

    Purchase of metaverse land to build the foundations of the roadmap
    Initiate community wallet to reward holders, and further grow the value of the DAO and project.
    Regular giveaways to reward holders who do not list their NFT
    HODLers for periods of over 30 days will get additional rewards, benefits and status.

    PHASE 3

    Ability to stake your NFT and rewarded with tokens based on quantity of NFT’s and time duration staked.
    ERC21 Token "$SMOL" to
    provide 1 per day per staked land. Smol Boyz will be owners of
    this community wallet and have associated value to the metaverse land dao. 1 $SMOL = 1 $SMOL

    PHASE 4

    Public sale of SmolBoyz in April 2022
    - 5000 remaining supply

    PHASE 5

    Ultra legendary NFT airdrop (to further the current Smol Boyz Ecosystem)
    Limited number will be raffled at random to holders of 30 days or more.
    Provide convertibility to wrap your NFT into a voxel to enter the Metaverse as an avatar.
    End to end Metaverse experience will be built within our lands